Experience unmatched care and compassion at our Adult Family Home, where we redefine assisted living for seniors.

BEST COMFORT AFH LLC, situated at 27112 41st Place S Kent, Washington 98032-7195, proudly offers tailor-made services aimed at enhancing the standard of living for each resident.

We diligently work to fulfill the varied requirements of our residents, consistently focusing on their absolute comfort and wellness. Our array of services, including bespoke care plans and devoted health management, guarantees meticulous attention to every detail of our residents’ lives. This attention is delivered with empathy and keen understanding, guided by our comprehension of the evolving needs of the elderly. We are dedicated to providing care that values, supports, and cultivates their potential. Here at BEST COMFORT AFH LLC, we emphasize not only the physical health of our residents but also their emotional and social well-being, establishing a comprehensive care setting.


Medication Management
Ensuring your loved one’s medication is taken correctly and timely is of paramount importance to us. We conscientiously manage and monitor all prescribed medications contributing to their health and well-being. With us, you can rest assured that their medication regime is in expert hands.
Appointment with Doctors
Navigating the world of medical appointments can be daunting for our seniors. We diligently coordinate and manage appointments with doctors, ensuring the continuum of care and acting as a comforting presence at all times. Our approach ensures your family members are never alone in their health journey.
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
Specialized care for Alzheimer’s and dementia calls for a delicate balance of compassion, patience, and expertise. We provide a safe, structured environment and individualized care plans to meet their unique needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is trained to support cognitive function and uphold the dignity of each resident.
Monitoring of All the Signs
The health and comfort of your loved ones are our top priorities. Our trained staff performs meticulous monitoring of vital signs and symptoms, alert for any changes in health conditions. This vigilance allows us to respond swiftly and appropriately, maintaining optimal health conditions.
Oxygen Therapy
We are well-equipped to provide vital oxygen therapy for those in need. Our qualified professionals administer this therapy with the utmost care, ensuring the right dosage and maintaining safety standards. We take pride in ensuring comfort while enhancing your loved one’s health and well-being.
Blood Glucose Monitoring of Diabetic Patients
Effective diabetes management is vital for maintaining the health of our diabetic residents. We perform consistent blood glucose monitoring, allowing us to promptly respond to any fluctuations and adjust care accordingly. Trust your loved ones’ diabetic care to be in experienced, caring hands.
Catheter/Colostomy Care
We understand that catheter and colostomy care requires a high level of expertise and dignity. Our trained staff provides this specialized care, ensuring comfort, cleanliness, and optimal health for our residents. Rest assured, we treat each individual with the utmost respect, maintaining their dignity at all times.
Housekeeping Services
A clean and tidy environment contributes significantly to a resident’s well-being. Our professional housekeeping team maintains impeccable cleanliness and organization within our home, offering a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.
Laundry Services
We strive to make every aspect of our residents’ lives easier and more convenient, including laundry. Our diligent team provides prompt, careful laundry services, ensuring your loved ones always have clean and fresh clothing. This service is just one way we provide a home-like environment where seniors can truly relax.
Escort Facility to the Dentist, Doctor, and Optometrists
We understand the importance of regular health check-ups and the challenges they may pose for our seniors. Our team offers escort services to dental, medical, and optometry appointments, providing necessary support and companionship. We are committed to ensuring our residents’ health needs are met without compromise.
Nighttime Care
The tranquility of the night shouldn’t be disrupted by worries about safety or care. Our dedicated professionals provide round-the-clock care, vigilant to the needs of our residents even during nighttime.
Hospice Care
At the end-of-life journey, every moment is precious. Our hospice care services aim to provide comfort, dignity, and tranquility to your loved ones in their final stages of life. Our compassionate team ensures this time is as comfortable and meaningful as possible for everyone involved.
Nurse Supervision and Delegation
The strength of our care lies in the expertise and leadership of our nursing team. Our qualified nurses oversee and delegate tasks, ensuring that every aspect of your loved one’s care is carried out with skill, compassion, and meticulous attention to detail.


  • Cable TV
  • Internet access
  • Music
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Generator
  • In-house contracted pharmacy
  • In-house contracted doctors

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